CTN BASS Nation/TN Promise Volunteer Opportunities


Reservoir Habitat Revitalization


Tennessee Reservoirs are  aging and the depletion of cover, whether is from yearly water level changes, decay or erosion as anglers we can help.  Before you say it, I’ve heard all the excuses not to build brush piles or fish attractors and not one of them hold water. The Tennessee Bass Nation High School program and small groups of anglers have already joined with federal, state and local officials to restore and improve our lake with great success.    We all can help in order to ensure future generations of anglers can enjoy our lakes as we have.  

Lake and Stream Clean Up


Winter time brings what some of us call cabin fever…with shorter days and cooler temperatures many of our neighbors around the lake often look for things to do that have meaning. Often just getting out in the fresh air can help fix a lot of aliments…this winter on those nice sunny days that warm up, might I suggest not just going out for a walk in the hood, but take a trash bag, go for a ride to the lake. One item that can be very rewarding and benefit our lake community is a simple stroll along the lake shore and gathering some of the left behind trash from the summer months. This can be a great way to spend quality time with friends, family and grandchildren…many times with grandchildren or kids it affords you an opportunity to pass on being a good steward of our community and lake. 

Other TN BASS Nation Club/team opportunities

Several of our High School and Junior Clubs are involved with smaller community organizations such as children's homes, Veterans Groups, Senior Visits and Disabled Persons activities or their support organizations.   

Tournament Support Opportunities

With the growth of the TN BASS Nation High School Programs, there is always a need for volunteers/support staff to help with parking, Traffic Control, set up, fish care, clean up and tare down of event at events.  If you wish to volunteer for event support contact the Regional or State Director in your area. 

State and Regional Directors Contact Information

Preferred contact is email, text or Facebook as all still have full time jobs, please.   

TN BASS Conservation Director/TN Promise Coordinator:  Capt Jake Davis, sctnbassnation@gmail.com or 615-613-2382  www.facebook.com/SCTRTNHSBASSNation

TN BASS High School/Youth State Director:  David Lowrie, dlowrie@blomand.net  931-235-6216  www.facebook.com/tbnyouth

West TN High School Director:  Jeremy Finley, MPFD824@yahoo.com 931-698-5598   (Areas West of I-65, including Pickwick and Kentucky Lakes)  www.facebook.com/westtnhighschoolfishing

Central Tennessee Director:  Capt Jake Davis, sctnbassnation@gmail.com or 615-613-2382  (East of I-65 to I-24, including Tim's Ford Lake, Old Hickory, Percy Priest, Normandy, Nickajack and Woods Reservoirs)  www.facebook.com/SCTRTNHSBASSNation

North Central TN BASS High School/Junior Director:   Sammy Talent, cedarspring123@gmail.com  931-261-5403 (Cordell Hull, Dale Hollow, Center Hill Lakes)  www.facebook.com/North-Central-Tennessee-Region-BASS-Nation-High-School-Division-1704444119858275 

Southeast TN BASS Nation High School/Junior Director:  Jess Beihoffer, jbeihoffer@gmail.com 678-772-0559 (Nickajack, Chickamuaga, Watts Barr Lakes) www.facebook.com/TBNSoutheast

Event Schedule/Scheduled Projects

For  Volunteer Event Opportunities please contact the Regional Director in your area.  

Lake Clean Up/Habitat Restoration Projects: 

AFTCO/CTN Tims Ford Lake:   On going until 1 April 2020,  work days are  varied and Major Project days are posted on Facebook page contact Capt Jake Davis sctnbassnation@gmail.com or 615-613-2382 

Mt Juliet Fishing,  Symrna,  Beech Fishing (Percy Priest and Old Hickory) 

Scheduled Lake Clean is 23 Nov 2019 9am to 3pm, headquartered at Fate Sanders Marina . This is an outstanding opportunity for us to give back to our resources on Percy Priest and Old Hickory Lake. So, let’s put all we can into this and make it happen mark your calendars and we will see you there. Details, address, and times closer to the dates will be available at www.sctnbassnation.com and the Mt Juliet Fishing team Facebook page.

Coffee County Youth Bass, Tullahoma High School Bass, Franklin County Bass Teams (Tims Ford Lake) 

Scheduled Lake Clean Up, 23 Nov 2019, Headquartered out of Devils Step ramp from 9am to 3pm 

This is an outstanding opportunity for us to give back to our resources on Tims Ford Lake . So, let’s put all we can into this and make it happen mark your calendars and we will see you there. 

Habitat Restoration and Lake Clean up: Between 1 Nov 2019 and 1 April 2020, we will be conducting Lake Clean Up on Normandy Lake and Tims Ford Lake. We will be conducting Habitat build days making Bamboo Habitat Structures, constructing spawning benches and collecting Christmas Trees for placement in Woods Reservoir, Tims Ford and Normandy Lakes. We will be working on this everyday that weather permits between 18 November 2019 and 30 March 2020, Proposed days are 20, 21, 27, 29 Dec and 2, 4, 5 January 2020... Best to contact Capt Jake via email or text a day prior sctnbassnation@gmail.com or 615-613-2382