TBN HS/JR donations to TWRF

 Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the TBN anglers, captains, coaches and families two donations were made to the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Foundation yesterday at the South Central Region championship. We continue to make a difference for our waterways and environment. I'm very proud of all the hard work of all the TBN family. Again the credit for this success is due to the outstanding leadership of Jake Davis to lead the way for our habitat and clean up projects. WE ARE Tennessee Bass Nation High/Youth!!!! 


MSU “Pay It Forward” by Helping Clean Normandy Lake


Michigan State University “Pay It Forward” by Helping Clean Normandy Lake

A group from Michigan State University found out about the cleanup work the Coffee County Youth Bass Club has been doing at Normandy Lake and wanted to help. On Thursday 160 students made their way to the lake on their “Pay It Forward” tour. This was part of their week-long spring break trip.
The Michigan State University students and others began working on the cleanup. They worked with Tennessee Bass Nation (TBN) members Gary Lahr, Coffee County Coach Phillip Petty, TBN South Central Region Director and BASS National Conservation Director Jake Davis, 3 Coffee County anglers (Adam Petty, Jayden Yates, and Sawyer Banks), along with David Jordan from Tims Ford Council and the entire TWRA Region 2 fishery crews, with their 2 barges and 3 net boats worked to clean up the lake on the cool, wet and windy day. 

Local anglers, Adam Petty, Jayden Yates, and Sawyer Banks

This is the third Coffee County Bass Club cleanup.
Coffee County Solid Waste provided a dumpster. 

Article Provided by Thunder Radio


Tennessee BASS NATION 2019 AFS Friends of Fisheries Award

TBN - 2019 Friends Of Fisheries Award


This evening I had the pleasure of attending the TN Chapter of the American Fisheries Society in Chattanooga TN at the Tennessee Aquarium as the TN BASS NATION Representative. Doc Uskavich, David Lowrie and I can not express how proud we are of each and every member of the TBN High School and Junior Programs and TBN Adult Clubs! YOU made this happen for the first time EVER!

I'm proud to announce the Tennessee BASS Nation was awarded the 2019 Friend of Fisheries Award, for having distinguish yourself in service and commitment to the fisheries of Tennessee.

Capt Jake Davis, Tennessee BASS Nation Conservation Director

Here is the citation as read by the TWRA Region II Fisheries Manager Todd StJohn to the crowd of about 150 very distinguished Biologist and Fisheries folks from around Tennessee.

2019 TNAFS Friends of Fisheries Award Nomination
The Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is proud to nominate the Tennessee B.A.S.S. Nation (TBN) for the 2019 TNAFS Friends of Fisheries Award. The TBN has been a dedicated partner with TWRA throughout 2018 providing many meaningful accomplishments that have benefited both organizations, as well as our fisheries resource.
The American Fishing Tackle Company Conservation Grant ($5,000) for 2018 was awarded to the TBN to complete reservoir habitat and fish attractor enhancements on Tims Ford Reservoir. Captain Jake Davis, the South Central Regional B.A.S.S. Nation High School Director and TBN Conservation Director, led a large group of TBN club members, high school team coaches and team members toward this goal. Jake educated this diverse group on how to build effective habitat and fish attractor structures and the collaborative benefits of proper planning and placement. This grant has allowed the TBN and TWRA to work as a team to construct and deploy over 2,000 fish habitat structures and attractors in Tims Ford Reservoir. A lake clean-up effort was also included as part of the project, collecting over 5,000 pounds of garbage along the Tims Ford shoreline.
The TBN leadership, club members, coaches, high school team members and TWRA Fisheries employees have worked together to construct and place over 2,000 units of fish habitat and attractors in Normandy and J. Percy Priest Reservoirs during 2018. Structures include fish attractors, spawning benches, bald cypress plantings, and habitat reefs. This joint effort included Saturday work sessions constructing and deploying fish habitat and attractor structures. Additionally, lake clean-up efforts occurred on Normandy and J. Percy Priest Reservoirs. These work days have provided opportunities to become working partners with the common goal to making fishing better. Friendships have been conducive to open discussion of fisheries issues. Shared insights from both organizational points of view led toward mutually beneficial efforts and resolutions.
We look forward to continuing this working partnership to further enhance reservoir habitat and fish attractors in Tennessee. Most importantly, we value the friendships and collaborative interest in Tennessee’s fisheries that will continue indefinitely.


2018 Winter Break Lake Clean Up and Habitat Projects


Tennessee BASS Nation High School/Youth and Tennessee BASS Nation undertakes Statewide effort to revitalize and clean up public waterways. For years it has been known and well documented that Tennessee Lakes and Reservoirs are in a growing need of Habitat Revitalization and yearly trash clean up.  With our reservoirs aging and the depletion of habitat, whether is from yearly water level changes, decay or erosion as anglers we can help. Before you say it, I’ve heard all the excuses not to build brush piles or fish attractors and not one of them hold water. The overall health of any given reservoir affects the community in a host of ways, to include tourism, local employment and property values. 

Tennessee BASS Nation Adult Clubs and College/High School Student Clubs have partnered with the Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency Fisheries, Army Corp of Engineers, Tennessee Valley Authority along with several lake community organizations to help revitalize several lakes and reservoirs across Tennessee.   Below is a list of projects, dates and points of contact. 

Mt Juliet Fishing, Beech Fishing (Percy Priest and Old Hickory) 

Here is the habitat build and drop dates we have scheduled with the TWRA January 5 2019, and February 9 2019. This is for our community service hours these to dates are in conjunction with the TWRA at their site. This will be building, loading, transporting, and dropping of structures and lake clean up. This is an outstanding opportunity for us to give back to our resources on Percy Priest and Old Hickory Lake. So, let’s put all we can into this and make it happen mark your calendars and we will see you there. Details, address, and times closer to the dates will be available at www.sctnbassnation.com and the Mt Juliet Fishing team Facebook page.

Livingston Academy, Pickett County and Jackson County (Dale Hollow Lake) 

LA Anglers need your help. If you have a real Christmas tree, we would love to recycle it for you once Christmas is over. We plan to sink these in the lake for habitat improvement. If you are in the Livingston area, these can be placed at the end of the LA parking lot out next to be softball field. There is an area there where gravel was stored. If you would like to drop them off there, that would be great. We will be working with the Pickett County team and most likely Jackson County to make this happen. Please share this post to help us get the word out and get a good number of trees. Thanks! POC: Brandon Cross, Livingston Academy Coach, 931-397-4515 or Facebook Livingston Academy Anglers, or check www.sctnbassnation.com 

Coffee County Youth Bass, Tullahoma High School Bass, Franklin County Bass Teams (Tims Ford, Normandy and Woods Reservoir)

Habitat Restoration and Lake Clean up: Between 15 Dec 2018 and 1 Feb 2019, we will be conducting Lake Clean Up on Normandy Lake and Tims Ford Lake. We will be conducting Habitat build days making Bamboo Habitat Structures, constructing spawning benches and collecting Christmas Trees for placement in Woods Reservoir, Tims Ford and Normandy Lakes. We will be working on this everyday that weather permits between 15 Dec 2018 and 30 January 2019, Proposed days are 20, 21, 27, 29 Dec and 2, 4, 5 January 2019. Best to contact Capt Jake via email or text a day prior msbassguide@comcast.net or 615-613-2382


SCTN BASS NaTION partners with Friends Of Reservoirs

SCTN BASS Nation HS/Youth Becomes Group Member of Friends Of Reservoirs


Friends of Reservoirs (FOR) is a tax-deductible non-profit foundation dedicated to protecting and/or restoring fisheries habitat in reservoir systems nationwide.  The goal is to promote the protection, restoration, and enhancement of habitat for fish and other aquatic species in reservoir systems.   To date, FOR membership includes 78 Chapters and Groups in 26 states.  Becoming a FOR member allows your association to take part in a variety of aquatic habitat enhancement and restoration projects.  Many of you have already had hands on experience by working with your state agency and have partnerships that would fit right in with FOR. .  

FOR members are eligible to apply annually for small grants ($1000 cash, $1000 worth of Mossback Fish Habitat product). The “big picture" is to get local groups, who have vested interests in a reservoir, connected with their local biologist to work together on reservoir improvements. The RFHP also funds several large projects (up to $40,000) annually, which gain additional points during scoring if a FOR member is involved. 

100% of FOR membership fees ($25 per year) go toward local, on the ground projects via the Small Projects Grants.  

Other member benefits include:

  1. Use      of FOR’s 501(c)(3) for fundraising:

· Tax exemption for donors;

· Enhanced fundraising capacity;

· Banking services provided.

  1. Project      Assistance

· Elevated granting priority status;

· Exclusive access to small project grants (cash and products from sponsors) ;

· Grant writing/application assistance;

· Granting advantage of non-profit status.

  1. Technical      Support

· Website and other services;

· Educational forums and meetings;

· Access to reservoir habitat assessments and Best Management Practices;

· Networking with other members and trained professionals.

  1. Recognition

· Logos, signs and materials;

· Best project awards;

· Project/organization highlights on FOR website and social media.

To become a member of Friends of Reservoirs, simply visit this page to download an application.  http://www.friendsofreservoirs.com/members/

Please take some time to explore the FOR website to familiarize yourself with grant opportunities, examples of past projects supported by FOR, and other valuable information.

Also, check out this video by 2008 Bassmaster Classic Champion, Alton Jones: https://youtu.be/cj5EbqwFQNg


TWRA and TN BASS Nation HS/JR Leadership deploying Habitat

23 Oct 2018, Tims Ford Lake Habitat Deployment


This past Tuesday, 23 Oct 2018 we deployed about 100 of the Habitat Structures that y'all built back on the 13th.... I want to give a huge shout out to FCHS Boat Capt Gary Lahr, TN BASS State Director David Lowrie, David Jordan from the Tims Ford Council, Jessee Taylor, Allen and Kieth from the TWRA. All the structures where placed in the pockets and round points on the left hand side as you depart the Holiday Landing Ramp and on the road bed that runs down the middle of the cove..

On 3 Nov 2018, We will deploy the remaining 700 Structures and start Phase II of the AFTCO Grant, BASS Nation/TWRA Project... same location 1331 Dripping Springs Road, Winchester, TN 37398 I will keep everyone posted as we get closer...Mrs Davis just said that Capt Davis has to buy pizza for the folks that show up....not sure how that happened but she's the boss!!

Capt Jake


AFTCO Habitat 13 Oct 2018

Huge thanks our Project sponsors from the TN Bass Nation HS/Junior Crews


To our sponsors, Thanks for all your support and help, SRM, AFTCO, Century 21 Mid State, TWRA, Builders Supply, Missile Baits, Reliable Rental of Franklin County, Duckett Fishing, Tims Ford Powersports, Twin Creeks Marina, Falcon Boats 

Working it


The Start....TN BASS Nation HS/JR crews getting it done!

Layout and production


Part of the layout and supplies!

Half way there


Half way home and everyone was asking "Our SRM Driver "Killer" are sure you only have 10 yards of concrete on that truck"  

Part of the 700 structures completed


Some of the final product 

The condos...


The condos...recycled from the old BF Good Rich plant, these containers are made of heavy plastic material, cleared by the EPA of use...with a little chainsaw work and drill work we turned them into condos for all types of fish....

TIms Ford Habitat Project

AFTCO/BASS Nation High School/TWRA Habitat Project 13 Oct 2018


This coming Saturday, 13 Oct 2018, 7:30am to Noon is the first major build for the AFTCO/BASS/TWRA Habitat project on Tims Ford... The address for the build is 1331 Dripping Springs Rd, Winchester, TN 37398...

My intention is to serve lunch burgers/hot dogs...

I know we have Warren County, some Whitwell folks, Symra Bulldogs, FCHS and Grundy... coming to help 

If you are interested in helping please email or text Capt Jake at 615-613-2382  or msbassguide@comcast.net


Locking during tournaments

Locking Down or up during Tournaments


Locking up or Down during any Tennessee BASS Nation HS/JR State Opens or any Regional Tournaments will be permitted under normal flow forecast…

Locking up or down will NOT be permitted when hazardous conditions are present do to excessive flow either into or out of any given dam on the primary tournament waters. Excessive flow is defined any flood gate open or forecasted to spill during tournament hours. In this case locking will NOT be authorized anytime during the tournament. Furthermore, the area immediately above the dam marked hazardous waters and the area immediately below the dam marked or as defined by the tournament director will be off limits. Determination of this rule will be made at the morning safety briefing.

Below is two photos for example purposes…. If on 22 Sept 2018 if Nickajack and/or Chickamauga Dam are spilling these areas will be off limits and no will lock down or up out of Nickajack Lake.

Example #1 Area above Nickajack Dam


When TVA is Spilling with any gates open this area is off limits.

Example #2 Below Chickamauga Dam


When TVA is Spilling out of the dam, this area is off limits



AFTCO/B.A.S.S. Nation Conservation Grant Awarded to SCTN BASS Nation for Tims Ford Lake


For Immediate Release     Date: 12 July 2018

POC: Capt Jake Davis

South Central Tennessee BASS Nation Region Director 



AFTCO/B.A.S.S. Nation Conservation Grant Awarded – Tims Ford Lake, Winchester Tennessee

South Central Tennessee BASS Nation High School/Junior Region has been awarded the 2018 AFTCO/B.A.S.S. Nation Conservation Grant’s at ICAST 2018, in Orlando Florida. 

The AFTCO/B.A.S.S. Nation Conservation Grant Program was created to help provide funds to approved conservation/habitat revitalization projects. Through current grass roots B.A.S.S. Nation organizations, the goal is to encourage youth-oriented conservation projects that benefit local fisheries. All projects must directly involve youth in such a way as to teach the importance of resource stewardship and the leadership role that anglers play as conservationists. Each project must have an endorsement of the local fisheries management agency and work to accomplish goals of mutual benefit. The project must have an evaluation component to determine success. 

All work will be completed under the direct supervision of Capt Jake Davis – South Central Tennessee BASS Nation High School Director, Tennessee Wildlife Resource Agency Fisheries Manager Todd St. John, Reservoir Manager Jesse Taylor and the BASS Nation School Coaches/Advisors with an all-volunteer work force. The primary assembly area will be in the Dripping Springs Community on Tims Ford Lake, who graciously authorized use of their community lots adjunct to the lake allowing for easier access and deployment of structures. 

The grant of $5,000 will allow us to build and place between 2000 and 2500 structures throughout the Tims Ford Lake, in addition to the already planned 500 to 600 assorted structure pieces we normally place such as Christmas Trees, Spawning Benches, Stake Beds and artificial stumps made from corrugated drain pipe. We will be combining the structure placement with at least one lake wide cleanup day in conjunction with the Tims Ford Council, who regularly joins forces with the BASS Nation Teams to pick up shore line trash.

Several local organizations and area businesses will be helping with the project over the next nine months including Tims Ford Council, SRM Concrete, TWRA, Twin Creeks Marina, Tims Ford Power Sports our Falcon Bass Boat Dealer, Builders Supply, Poultry Electric and Century 21 Mid-State Realty. Anyone wishing to volunteer to help or donate further funding please contact Capt Jake Davis at 615.613.2382 or msbassguide@comcast.net 



Updated list for nationals as the North Central district and the Bass Pro Shops series have announced their slots. Junior boats are listed below. We are waiting for the Next Generation series to announce their list to finalize the full list for the state. 

Teams qualified for Nationals 2018
Students School How Qualified
Wyatt Sauder - Micah Ford Sequoyah BASS Southern Open 3-24-18
Garrick Robinson - Micah Bryant Sequoyah BASS Southern Open 3-24-18, State Points #11
Jaxson Sullivan - Chase Milholen Scotts Hill High BASS Southern Open 3-24-18
Josh Lee - Mason Cizek Karns High BASS Southern Open 3-24-18, Bass Pro Shops Trail
Brandon Bates - Logan Phillips Soddy Daisy BASS Southern Open 3-24-18
Jacob Woods - Cole Rankin Lenior City TBN State Trail Nickajack
Weston Moss - Nathan Powell Whitwell TBN State Trail Cherokee, Points #3
Lucas Scott - Bailey Miller Tullahoma TBN State Trail Percy Priest
Samuel and Matthew Vandagriff Warren County TBN State Trail Center Hill, State Points Champions
Parker Reed - Caleb Pierce Walker Valley TBN State Trail KY Lake, Points #4
Noah Pierce - Austin Smith Campbell County TBN State Trail Battle of Chick, Bass Pro Shops Trail
Ezra Smith - Devin Howard Walker Valley TBN State Champions, Old Hickory, Points #2
Stuart Roggli - Abbigale Roggli GCHS Bass Team State Points #5
Brady Duncan - Mason Huddleson Mt. Juliet State Points #6
Tanner Scruggs - Storm Cline Anderson Co. State Points #7
Zane O'Domirok - Thomas Brown Lenior City State Points #8
Dawson Gnewikow - Andrew Malino Mt. Juliet State Points #9
Christian Wright - Chris Metcalf Clinton High State Points #10
Isaiah Owens - Garrett Davis Coffee County State Points #11
Grant Dees - Ben Freeman GCHS Bass Team State Points #13
Evan Redic - Kyson Brown Mt. Juliet South Central Trail
Hunter Sanders - Blake Mangrum Coffee County South Central Trail
Case Anderson - Grant Hodosi GCHS Bass Team South Central Trail
Kole Palmer - Caleb Maybrey Franklin County South Central Trail
Riley Henderson - Bryce Bland Franklin County South Central Trail
Matthe Marcel - Adam Watts Tullahoma South Central Trail
Colby Thurmand - Braedon Thurmond Coffee County South Central Trail
Hayden Fox - Owen Chamberland Mt. Juliet South Central Trail
Tyler Wilson - Brady Barham Benton County West TN Trail
Jon David Bedford - Walker Brown Lawrence County West TN Trail
Gavin Gordon - Jayce Reddick Henry County West TN Trail
Tyler Finley - Hayden Pugh Mt. Pleasant West TN Trail
Dylan Smothers - Chance Johnson Henry County West TN Trail
Kolby Reed - Ryan Prince Mt. Pleasant West TN Trail
Ty Cobb - Kade Rochell Lawrence County West TN Trail
Landry Cooper - Cameron Kirkland Sequoyah Southeast Trail
Bryar Goins - Austin Goins Rhea Co Southeast Trail
Jake Beihoffer - Bailey Faires Soddy Daisy Southeast Trail
Dalton Powell - Baylor Layne Whitwell Southeast Trail
Alyssa Taylor - Luke Fraley Walker Valley Southeast Trail
Seth Moser - Riley Butler Sequoyah Southeast Trail
Mason Wade - Colton Collier Jackson County North Central Trail
Brady Huddleson - Ethan Carr* Livingston Acad North Central Trail
Hayden Beasley - Andrew Riggins Livingston Acad North Central Trail
Casey Briley - Luke Alexander Gallatin North Central Trail
Blake Delong - Asa Robertson Warren County North Central Trail
Hunter McClaskey - Blane Poiroux Elizabethton Bass Pro Shops Trail
Jacob Frazier - Kaden Hillman Hazard Bass Pro Shops Trail
Garrett Brady - Dalton Goble Grainger County Bass Pro Shops Trail

*Ethan Carr has left the team and Brady Huddleson chose Bailey Tallent for his alternate to fish the nationals.

Junior Boats
Karson Jenkins - Ben Hester Rhea County State Champions
Shooter Nelson - Seth Rickets West Carrol State Runner Up


2018 Bassmaster High School All-American Fishing Team announced

 BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — For the fourth consecutive year, 12 standout high school anglers have been selected as members of the exclusive Bassmaster High School All-American Fishing Team presented by DICK’S Sporting Goods.

“We are proud to welcome an exceptional group of anglers to our 2018 class of High School All-Americans,” said Bruce Akin, B.A.S.S. CEO. “This class has a rare combination of tournament success, leadership skill and community involvement, and we can’t wait to see how they shape the future of our sport and our industry.”

More than 465 applications from students grades 10-12 were submitted from 38 states across the nation. Of these, 64 were chosen as Bassmaster All-State anglers. After reviewing tournament résumés, community service activities and recommendations from coaches and school officials, a panel of judges further narrowed the field to the Top 12 high school anglers in the country.

The team has been invited to participate in a special Bassmaster High School All-American Bass Tournament being held in conjunction with the 2018 Toyota Bassmaster Texas Fest benefiting Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, a fan-favorite tournament and festival that will be held May 17-20on Lake Travis out of Jonestown, Texas. Elite Series anglers will serve as teammates and “coaches” of the student anglers in the tournament. The high school standouts will be honored on the main Texas Fest stage at the weigh-in.

Congratulations to the following student athletes for being named to the 2018 Bassmaster High School All-American Fishing Team. Following are short biographies of the 2018 team members, listed alphabetically. (Judges only considered tournament records for the past 12 months.)

Samuel Vandagriff, McMinnville, Tenn.
Vandagriff, a senior at Warren County High School, has been the president of his bass fishing club for the past four years. He also has two impressive wins, including a first-place finish at the Tennessee B.A.S.S. Nation High School Rumble on the Hill which was held on Center Hill Lake.

Alongside his success on the water, Vandagriff also has a very impressive record in the classroom. He has maintained 4.2 GPA throughout his high school career and has earned almost $10,000 in college scholarship money. He is described by many as a “well-rounded young man who is passionate in everything he sets out to accomplish.”

“Samuel also leads off the water in his school, church and community, participating in things like hurricane relief, Habitat for Humanity and Relay for Life,” said David Lowrie, Tennessee B.A.S.S. Nation High School state director.

“He always volunteers to assist in the setup and teardown of the Tennessee B.A.S.S. Nation stage and equipment for tournaments. Samuel provides leadership for Warren County’s fishing team and sets an example for other Tennessee B.A.S.S. Nation high school and junior anglers.”  

Jacob Woods, Loudon, Tenn.
Woods, a senior at Lenoir City High School, has earned five wins in high school tournaments, including the Tennessee B.A.S.S. Nation Championship, in which he competed against 125 teams. He also has nine Top 5 finishes to his credit.

“Jacob is one of the first people to step up and help others, and he is always very encouraging toward his fellow students,” wrote Josey Harris Miller, agriculture teacher at Lenoir City High School. “He is a true leader on and off the lake.”

Woods also serves as the president of the Lenoir City High School Bass Club, where he organizes special speakers for meetings and plans fundraisers and community services projects, such as lake cleanups and conservations efforts like the Pitch It campaign and Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers. He plans on pursing a degree in Agribusiness and Agrimarketing at Tennessee Tech University, as well as fish on the college team. 

See full Article by clicking on photo to the right or visit  www.bassmaster.com/high-school-all-american/12-named-2018-bassmaster-high-school-all-american-fishing-team

Twelve standout high school anglers from across the country

Twelve standout high school anglers from across the country

2018 Hunter Northcutt Memorial Merit Scholarship

Applications due no later than 20 April 2018

 Applications are now being accepted for the 2018 Hunter Northcutt Memorial Merit Scholarship. This scholarship IS ONLY OPEN to TN Bass Nation High School seniors in good standing with national and state dues. Applications must be received by April 20, 2018 and scholarships will be awarded at the state championship on Old Hickory. The number and value of scholarships will depend on the funds raised through the statewide fundraiser. Please be sure to fill out all portions of the application and remember this scholarship is about MORE than just your fishing accomplishments.

Apply here - https://goo.gl/forms/mA93tN2a8poLFRCZ2


HUGE week around Tennessee BAss Nation- College Signings

Bethal Universities Coach Mason signs Dylan Smothers


 Dylan Smothers signed his scholarship this week with Bethel University Wildcats-under the direction of Coach Mason for the 2018-2019 year. We are very proud of his accomplishments this year and look forward to what he does in the future. 

Walker Valley's Parker Reed signs with Bryan College


 Proud to announce that I will be joining the Bryan College Fishing Team for the 2018-19 season! I have to thank the lord for all that he has done in my life, and for all of the great people he has placed in it to help me in my journey. I would also like to thank everyone who has helped me become a better person, whether that’s with my faith, my fishing, or my life in general!  

Gregory signs with Bethel University


 Congratulations to Cody Gregory! This morning, Cody signed with Bethel University as a student and member of their bass fishing team! He was joined by his parents, Bethel coach Garry Mason, OCCHS coach Will Simmons, and assistant principal Barry Kendall. 

BMC Bass Fishing signs Hardin County High School (Savannah TN) duo of Rudy Worley/John David Nowlin.



BMC Bass Fishing signs Hardin County High School (Savannah TN) duo of Rudy Worley and John David Nowlin.

Blue Mountain Bass Fishing Coach Shane Cox announced today that Rudy Worley and John David Nowlin, both of Savannah Tn, have received scholarships to compete with the Toppers’ program in 2018-2019.


Congrats to Eagle Angler, Austin Goins, who just signed with Bryan College


Austin Goins, a standout on the Rhea County High School Fishing Team, lands a scholarship with hometown Bryan College to join the defending National Champs, the Bryan Anglers.

“I couldn’t have passed on a better candidate to fish in college,” says long-time bass fishing coach Brian Derlak.

Austin has been fishing competitively under the tutelage of Derlak since 7th grade, parents and Andy and Christina Goins says he’s been fishing since he was three.

“It’s gratifying,” says his dad.  “All the work that he’s put in at school – I’ve never seen a kid work as hard.”

His father notes, there’s something special about high school bass fishing for parents. As the boat captain, you’re actually on the playing field.  While boat captains don’t fish, it’s their job to put their team on the fish.

“It’s like if your son is the quarterback, you’re getting to center the ball to him,” Andy adds.

In addition to joining the #1 Bass Fishing School in the nation, Austin says going to hometown Bryan has other perks as well.

“I can go to school and live at home.  But the main thing is they are so good,” admits Austin.

“We’re very excited Austin has chose to come and join us,” states Bryan Anglers head coach Mike Keen.  “We’ve got a good relationship with Rhea County High School.  We have two great anglers that have come from here.  This is a special place.”

It’s more than just fishing on the lake.  This whole thing is possible through what he’s done in the classroom,” Derlak stresses.

“From our standpoint, as a college coach, academics is probably the most important,” insists Keen. “Obviously you need to be able to fish, but if you can’t make the grade – you’re no good to us.”

And Austin has certainly made the grade.  He holds a 3.65 GPA and plans to pursue a degree at Bryan College’s new Vogel School of Engineering.

“I’m so glad he’s met all his requirements and will go on to fish with Bryan College the defending National Champs,” adds an even more than usually elated Derlak.